Pillow height plays an important role when it comes to sleeping neck problems. There are a number of different pillow types out there on the market. Many claim to help correct your sleeping posture. Most have an extra pillow made specifically for your neck that can be used for support when you are sleeping on your side. Check these pillows.

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Sleeping Problems – The Importance of Pillow Height When Sleeping

However, many times standard-size pillowcases are used as a replacement for a regular pillow. It is possible to get these pillows at stores like Target and Wal-Mart, and sometimes can even be bought online. However, if you purchase a custom-sized pillow, the manufacturer may not have made any adjustments to the standard-size pillow case. This results in a pillow that is either too short or too long for your head, and can cause discomfort while sleeping.

Standard-size pillows tend to be very flat, which can cause problems with your alignment. Your neck should not be directly aligned with the curve of your spine. This can cause pain because the spine itself is not in alignment with your neck. A good sleeping pillow, especially custom-made one, should be made to be curved to fit your head and have enough curve to relieve the pressure off of your spine. This allows for more comfort and better sleeping posture and will prevent the occurrence of lower back pain by reducing the stress on the discs.

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