public toilet exterior design

The public toilet in a country like China isn’t going to be built with a contemporary design and the use of “eco-friendly” techniques by the Chinese people in their public toilets is a direct result of the lack of capital for advanced design. The lack of public toilet exterior design designs by the Chinese simply translates into the inability for companies in China to compete in the design industry in the Western world. There are a number of big-name companies in China that are capable of creating amazing works of art and innovation in design but due to the prohibitive cost of investments for Chinese companies to create such large works of art, they prefer to stick with the more simple things in life. As a result, there are few modern designs by Chinese artists that are used in public toilets because the Western world has yet to catch up with their advances in technology.

How to choose best Public Toilet Exterior Design Ideas From China

Because of the lack of public toilet design ideas from Chinese companies there has been a trend for Chinese companies to focus more on “service culture” instead of products. Chinese companies have also realized that customers don’t care as much about how a product functions as they do about the feeling that they will have while using it. Thus the public restroom becomes less about cleanliness and hygiene and more about providing users the sense that they are protected and cared for while they use the restroom. Chinese public toilet designers have focused their efforts on this aspect. These days you’ll find a plethora of products in the Chinese market that can give the user the sense of cleanliness and safety while they are relieving themselves: everything from paper towels to toothbrushes to toilet seats have been manufactured to make the experience of using the public restroom an enjoyable one.

There have been a few advances in the design concepts used by public toilets in China. For example, in some areas of China where there is a higher crime rate a sign has been placed in the public restroom informing potential criminals that they will not be permitted to use the restroom in that area. Additionally, new public bathroom design ideas have been brought forth that include benches or seats within the restroom area itself, rather than simply placing them at the side of the facility. Designers hope to create a relaxing, low-key atmosphere as much as possible in public restrooms.

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