Premium Home Audio and Home Automation Brands Partner With Design Center Charlotte

Premium home audio design center | DCI Charlotte and home automation brands rely on service partners in Charlotte to get their products to market. With the success of Design Center Charlotte and the many clients they have helped, they have grown into a comprehensive service company that offers systems, security, automation, control systems, digital and security lighting, video security and home automation solutions. Their wide variety of product lines allows customers to find just the right products for their needs.


Customers can expect their products to be designed by professional engineers and trained sales personnel from the best in the industry. With the highest standards of workmanship and personal attention put into every system designed, the customer can have peace of mind knowing that the products they purchase will provide them with the service and support they deserve. Most home security and automation equipment manufacturers offer free installation or rent with purchase. Customers can enjoy free consultations and demonstrations before committing to one home security or access point.


A high tech home is just one click away with a design center in Charlotte system. With over 25 years experience in creating home automation and security solutions, they are the go to source for any home improvement project large or small. From residential and commercial installations to residential security and access control systems, Design Center Charlotte has you covered. You can find the best technology available and feel secure in your home at the same time. Professional consultants are available to make installation easy and stress free.

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