Julian Brand‘s “The Pirate’s Bastard” is the third book of his Pirate series, and the fourth in the Beorn trilogy. Like the first two books, this one continues the tale of Julian Brand in the year 2440, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This time, however, there is a war brewing between England and Spain, and the English navy has been reduced to a ragged and powerless remnant, unable to defend against either fleets. Julian is called back into action, and he must learn what tactics are appropriate for this new fight, while also dealing with personal issues that threaten his command of the pirates.

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Like the first two books in the series, this one takes place in a near-realistic setting, although the setting is much more exotic. There is a pirate stronghold on the Costa Rican island of Socororra, which is occupied by a band of buccaneers led by Captain Salazar. Julian and his compatriots sneak aboard the ship carrying supplies for a voyage to Antigua, where they expect to find a peaceful settlement between England and Spain. Instead, they come face-to-face with a vicious Spanish navy, which plans to sail to the aid of England.

The plot is engaging and memorable, especially because it takes place in an imaginary world (socorra). The characters, especially Julian Brand, continue to interact throughout the novel, which helps to build the reader’s suspense and understanding of how the war affects everyone on both sides. The writing style is lucid and concise, and this novel is not too long or short. Recommended for fans of pirates and adventure fiction.

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