A slang word for a hen night or pre-wedding party thrown by the future groom on his soon-to-be bride. The word “bruce” is a reference to the rich woods of Canada’s east coast. The implication is that the bride will be enjoying a quiet escape in the woods from the rigors of married life before getting down to business. The origin of the word may be linked to a break-in hunting during one of the couple’s first hunting trips as partners in marriage. The celebration may also have originated from a European celebration of the day bonfire night, when the boys would assemble outside the church and display a variety of things made a fire, usually fire-lighters, in order to celebrate their success in hunting.

How to Origin of the Word Bucks Party Or Bachelor Party

bucks party

The origin of the bucks party can also be connected to the early history of bachelorhood and marriage. The groom and his friends would gather together after a day of playing in the local park for roosters, throwing rocks at each other and making crude jokes at the bride and her mother. The origin of the word “bruce” for “woods” ties in nicely with the idea of a “quiet, solitary wedding,” which is something the groom and his boys did not want in their bride’s circle of friends at the time.

The term bucks party or bachelor party can also be used in referring to a stag party, which is a more elegant version of a bridal party. The stag party was formerly only reserved for the best man. However, in recent years, more grooms are inviting their best buddies to a stag party instead. The groom and his male friends will enjoy some fun food, drinks, and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Whether you choose to call it a bachelor celebration or a stag party depends on the desires of the groom and his friends.

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