The Tampax Corporation has spent considerable money on advertising its Cora brand of tampons, even launching television commercials that emphasized that this was a feminine hygiene product that did not contain any chemicals. Cora tampons were designed to be soft and absorbent, using materials that are biodegradable and environmentally safe. However, if you read this Cora tampons review, you will find out that this claim is false. While the company makes all claims regarding its eco-friendly properties, the reality is that these tampons contain no more than five percent of recycled plastic and petroleum products in their composition.

Cora tampons review


Cora Tampons Review – Get to Know the Advantages of Using Cora Tampons

Today, women are facing a serious problem: excessive iron and non-heme iron levels in their bodies. High blood pressure, fatigue, dryness, and other problems can result from iron-deficiency or iron-overload. Cora tampons review reveals that these harmful effects of iron deficiency are only one of the hazardous effects of iron and that it can also lead to the development of cancerous cells and diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Since it is impossible to get rid of plastic waste completely, the only viable solution is to use a biodegradable sanitary protection that can replace the old ones and can still help you stay protected. Cora tampons review states that it is the safest and the most affordable option available in the market today. However, it also has the capability to produce microscopic tears in latex rubber, which cannot be removed easily with soap and water. You need to know more about this product before you buy it. The only reliable online Cora tampons review you can find online says that this product can be safely used for up to three years, although there are reports of changes in its functionality after this period. When you read this Cora tampons review, you can compare it with the other similar products so that you will have an idea whether you need to invest in a different type of protection for your private parts or not.

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