Category 6  S7 Insurance Trackers

Infiniti Tracker application is a fully-customizable, GPS based iPhone and Android smartphone app that provides fully-customizable vehicle insurance tracking for vehicles in the UK. This application will work on any vehicle with an Internet connection. You can track your vehicle by entering the vehicle’s identification number (VIN) which can be found either on the vehicle registration plate or the engine compartment. Once you have entered the VIN you can track down the vehicle with the help of a simple push of the “Track” button from within the application. Vehicle information such as vehicle identification number, registration details, make, model, colour, number of cylinders, fuel type, mileage traveled, time driven and more are readily available. Category 6 & S7 Insurance Trackers | Infiniti Tracking.

Category 6 & S7 Insurance Trackers From Category 6 & S7 Insurance

There are a variety of ways to utilize the fully-customizable Category 6 & S7 Insurance Trackers. For instance, one can use the mobile application for Infiniti car trackers to get important updates on vehicle condition, vehicle mileage, fuel type used, car body condition etc. Moreover, one can also use the application for uploading photos or videos of the vehicle. This iPhone and Android smartphone application is designed to be fully compliant with the Google Maps Application Guidelines. The fully-customizable Category 6 & S7 Insurance Trackers give the insured a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s condition including lane position, brake status, speed, direction of the vehicle and other parameters.

Infiniti has also partnered with some of the leading automobile insurance companies for this effort. These insurers include AIG, Allianz CMC, Carhire New Zealand, Chlocolat, DAFI, Elegant Insurance, iConvenience, JKWZ, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Motor Club, Nationwide, PCA IFA, PSA Continental, Phoenix, Smart Cars, Sunoco, Thelens, UCPB, UTM, USAA and more. Further, several major car insurers like Allianz, Aviva, GEICO, Jaguar Land Rover and others have joined forces with the company for offering fully customizable solutions. These insurers offer the fully customized Category 6 & S7 Insurance Trackers. Now one can track their car, truck or SUV with just a few clicks.

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