Auckland wedding photographers James and Cameron have more than twenty years experience capturing ceremonies and events that make a celebration truly unique. Best wedding photographers in Auckland is two professional photographers that are more than happy to work with you throughout the planning process. Their passion for what they do ensures that you will be delighted with the finished product. They are also available for consultations and even wedding day photos at a low cost. You are going to look amazing in your photographs so you may as well plan the event as soon as possible.

Looking For the Right Photographer for Your Wedding

James and Cameron offer packages to fit any budget and will always aim to give you the best value for money. They work with a number of photographers including some of the best in the industry to deliver a customized service that is designed to your individual needs. There are many options in the New Zealand area from which you can choose so it doesn’t matter whether you want a quiet, private service or something a little more energetic. The photographers in Auckland specialize in capturing all different types of weddings and ceremonies so you are assured of a service that delivers exactly what you need.

A growing trend with young couples is to go ‘green’. This means they are looking for eco-friendly services where they don’t use traditional products and methods such as a photo shoot and a traditional wedding ceremony. A popular option is to go with Jessie Photography who has received accolades for being eco-friendly. Jessie photography specializes in capturing both local and international events in every aspect including eco-tourism and weddings. The team at Jessie Photography are fully committed to being green and work hard to continually improve their eco credentials. Many of the products they use are sourced from renewable sources, ensuring that they help protect the environment for future generations.

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