Cable mesh is typically the most cost-effective, lightweight and strong stainless steel cables for the commercial field of architectural engineering. They are typically made from stainless steel hollow wires (weave wire), which are woven together with round hollow wires (phosphor steel). With high mesh elements up to thirty m long, wide and up to eight meters wide, exterior wall cladding and other large and installation can be accomplished with cable meshes. While many modern cable mesh products are galvanized or finished to an extra hardiness level, there is a still a need for cable cladding in mild steel, aluminum and copper as well. As a result, cable meshes can still be used for interior applications as well as exterior applications.


Cable meshes come in a variety of forms from thin gauge steel to aluminum and copper. There are also pre-manufactured forms that can be selected to match the specific building or foundation styles, and there are ready-to-install, premade mixes for a variety of applications. Cable mesh suppliers can match the proper cable form for a particular application based on specific construction needs. There are many advantages to cable management and securing cables. First, cable management minimizes the potential for overhanging cables that could potentially damage the structure. In addition, cable management helps to ensure that energy-efficient, safe systems are installed, which in turn, helps to reduce operating costs for both businesses and consumers.


In addition to their use in cable mesh and cable baskets, metal cables and wire baskets are also used in a number of different ways. Wire baskets, especially those that are manufactured using stainless steel, are used in many food preparation applications, where they help to maintain sanitary and aesthetic environments while protecting delicate food. Wire baskets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they may be custom made to meet specific product requirements. Wire baskets also have a number of different applications, including carrying lighter items such as beverages, canned goods, and even human medicine. They may be customized with colors and designs to match specific needs.

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